Radiant Health

About Our Organization
Proudly serving Grant and Blackford for over 180 combined years.

Welcome to Radiant Health, a new chapter in community mental health. With a positive outlook and a focus on mental fitness, Radiant is your first turn resource for everything mental wellness.

Radiant Health was born out of the merger between Grant Blackford Mental Health and Family Service Society, Inc in late 2022. When the groups came together, leadership vowed to create something new, better, and brighter than ever before for the communities being served.

Radiant Health is a community mental health center (CMHC) in Indiana that offers evidence-based care for wide-ranging mental health challenges. We look to a future where every person actively works to improve their mental health, putting each of us on a never-ending path towards purpose, fulfillment, and joy.

Office: 765-662-3971 Crisis: 988

Open 24 Hours, Every Day


What We’re About

We are dedicated to building a healthier future in our region—a future in which everyone can access mental health care at any time, know that they will be treated by experts who are passionate, and can achieve lives that are rich and vibrant.

Our Big Vision

We aim to be your trusted partner in life’s journey toward well-being. It might sound simple, but we pour every fiber of our beings into this big idea, putting it at the center of our strategic plan and reminding ourselves of this purpose with each passing day.


Individual Care

Family Care

Addictions Care

Specialized Care

Domestic Violence

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